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Magnum Harper Energy

Magnum Harper Energy, LLC, P.O. Box 6591, Evansville, IN 47719 has submitted to the Division of Oil and Gas a request to convert an existing well to a Class II Enhanced Recovery well to be used for the injection of produced brine.  This well is located in Section 15, Twp. 8N, Rng. 10W in Sullivan County, Indiana.
The subject well – Burns-Shew Communitized Unit #31-15, permit #55476 - will be injecting fluid into the Pennsylvanian sandstone within the depth interval of 500 feet to 583 feet at a maximum injection pressure not to exceed 800 pounds per square inch. The maximum injection rate for this well will not exceed 800 barrels per day.
Written comments and objections, a request for a copy of this application, a request for an informal hearing, requests for written notice of the proceedings, and requests for additional information concerning this application must be submitted to the Division of Oil and Gas within 15 days from the publication date of this notice and should be mailed to:
Division of Oil and Gas
Department of Natural Resources
Attn: Technical Section
402 W. Washington St., Room 293
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2748
10-26-18 – 1t    hspaxlp

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