SWSC makes face coverings optional on July 1

At their monthly meeting on Wednesday, the Southwest School Corp. made

a change in the policy for face coverings.

SWSC superintendent Chris Stitzle said as of July 1 that local school

boards will have the power to enact safety measures for their school

districts. As a result, the board unanimously approved that face

coverings will become optional in school buildings starting next


The board approved contracts for Michele Hazelrigg, treasurer; Natalie

McKinney, deputy treasurer/payroll clerk and Rebecca Scott,

administrative assistant.

These contracts will run from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, Stitzle said.

The board also approved administrative contracts, Title I director,

high ability and test coordinator contract, technology director

contract, assistant technology director contract, assistant nurse

contract and SWSC police department contracts

The Board approved administrative contracts for Stitzle; Jon Stuckey,

assistant superintendent; Samantha Phegley, SES principal; Allyson

Wegner, SES assistant principal; Dustin Hitt, SMS principal; Glenda

Jones, Carlisle principal and Tara Jenkins, SHS principal.

Stitzle said these administrative contracts will remain status quo

until the teachers’ contract is settled. The recommendation is for a

two-year extension for all administrative staff.

The board approved the treasurer’s report, which included: Education

Fund, $1,185,857.55; Debt Service Fund, $2,809,149.28; Operations

Fund, $1,881,057.41; Rainy Day Fund, $989,934.42; and Cash Balance,


The board approved the resignations of Jessica Whitkanack (math bowl)

and Camil Catlin (Carlisle School Counselor).

The board also approved Candy Reeves, Katherine (Annie) McCammon,

Jennifer Simpson and Lucy Monroe to work with the Summer Jump Start

Program at Carlisle Elementary and Middle Schools.

At Sullivan Elementary, the board approved Deanne Norris, Anna

Mascari, Rachelle Newton, Arika Nicol, Tabitha Cook, Alison Lane,

Kyndal Davis, Kathy Crock and Ashlee Myers to work with the Summer

Jump Start Program.

The board also approved of Patrick Meyer as Choral Teacher at Sullivan

Middle and High Schools.

Also, the board approved the following personnel at Sullivan Middle

School including: Jason Dikowski (instructional aide), Dawn Cox

(instructional aide), Asia Povlin (volleyball volunteer) and Ann

Mischler (volleyball volunteer).

At SHS, the board approved Caelan Jones (girls basketball volunteer),

Bryan Woodsmall (Courtney Hiatt’s leave of absence) and Rhonda Van

Meter (instructional aide),

The board approved Barry Hargis as public relations coordinator for the SWSC.

The board gave permission for SWSC to apply for grants during the

2021-22 school year including: Title I, Title IIA, Title III, Title

IV, Cares Act, Project Aware, Special Education, School Safety, Early

Invention, Formative Assessment and High Ability.

Stitzle said other potential grant opportunities included: Rural

School, Sullivan Community Foundation, Monsanto and Technology Grants

as well as Esser I, II and III.

The board approved of a nature’s classroom for the fourth grade at

Sullivan Elementary from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 and from Oct. 6-8 for the

SES fifth grade.

They also approved a similar program for the fourth grade at Carlisle

from Sept. 22-24.

The board approved a gift card resolution for Tara Jenkins and Jerry

Cooney at Sullivan High School.

Approval was given by the board for the MOU between SWSC and Hamilton Center.

The board also approved of severance and illness leave addendums for

retiring staff including: Cindy Ferree, Peggy Ridgway, Janice Smith,

Sindi Thompson and Tracy Vandergriff

The board gave Stitzle the authority to hire for any current vacant

positions or positions that might transpire prior to the beginning of

the 2020-21 school year.

Stitzle told the members that they have received information from

their financial consultants, including; Baker Tilly and bond counsel

Ice Miller on the different bond options currently available to the

board including, General Obligation Bond up to $1,300,000 and Lease

Rental Bond up to $5,575,000.

Stitzle presented possible projects for the board’s consideration over

the next 1-3 years including: Football Field Renovation, $33,895; SES

Tile Phase 1, $25,000; SHS Concrete Repairs, $44,100; Asphalt Repairs,

$49,680; SHS Hallway Carpet, $73,893; Baseball Restrooms, $75,000;

Student Activity Bus, $70,000; SES Tile – Phase 2, $100,000; Track

Renovation, $180,000; SES Playground Upgrades, $170,000; Carlisle

School Restrooms, $75,000; Asphalt Sealing/Repairs 2022, $130,000;

Electronic Signs – All Schools, $75,000; Painting SES Hallways and

Cafeteria, $25,000; SHS PE Locker Room Upgrades, $50,000; Locker Room

Soccer/Softball/Tennis, $100,000; Student Activity Center Exterior,

$200,000; Security Camera Update, $100,000; and Total of Potential

Projects, $1,576,568.

“Based on the analysis of all factors, including tax rate and possible

assessed valuation loss from Hoosier Energy, it was the recommendation

of Baker Tilly for the board to consider Option 1 with a general

obligation bond of no more than $1,310,000.” said Stitzle.

“It would be my recommendation to the Board to consider Option 1 at

the present time.”

The board approved.

The board approved and also approved the transfer of funds from the

Rainy Day Fund to the Curricular Materials Rental in the amount of

$37,595.32 to fund the whole amount, which could vary slightly

depending on revenue or expenses.

The next two board meetings are set for July 21 and Aug. 18, starting

with the executive session at 5 p.m.

The first day of school is set for Aug. 9.

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