Hymera council decides on housing, grants, cleanup and water issues

The Hymera Town Council met Tuesday to discuss the addition of a

mobile home, a detailed update on the Community Crossings grant and

then down to water maintenance.

A new Hymera couple met with the council for approval of a new mobile

home on Oak Street in town. After assuring the council members that

they had made the proper arrangements and filed the right paperwork,

the council made and carried a motion to allow the home to be placed.

Afterward, the council spoke about the payment of funds to James

Thomson, a previous Hymera resident now moved.

“This was a man who had some cemetery lots up in KOP (Knights of

Pythias) Cemetery and chose to sell them,” council president Scott

Enstrom informed the other members. The individual(s) that had bought

the lots had made the checks paid to the town, and not Thomson, “So we

will make out a check to James Thomson,” he finished. The council made

and passed a motion to write up the check, the amount undisclosed.

Water operator Nick Cullison reported that progress had been on

installing new water meters.

"It’s going pretty good. We are down to about 12% of meters left to

put in,” he said. Cullison also stated that there was a good chance

that the rest of the water meters will be put in this month.

Next, the council went into talks about the Community Crossings grant

with Brian Fleck of HWC Engineering. As of late, the town has had

trouble getting funds for vital roads in town. Due to how the maps

were drawn, and the laws, some roads do not belong to the town, and so

no aid can go to fixing them. The council has been attempting to get

permission to get funding to fix these loans, as they have been

accepted whenever the town applied for grants.

Fleck showed the council members a map of Hymera by road.

“We have two call-for-aid periods,” Fleck informed the board, “One for

January and one for July,” he then pointed out the six streets that

have been in most need, assuring the board they intended to help mend

the streets.

“We’ve actually got all the estimates and everything together,” Fleck

said, passing a form to Enstrom, “The total dollar amount was

$379,940, and then with the Community Crossing for smaller towns it is

a 75/25 match, so then your 25% match would be $94,985.”

In addition to some digital forms to complete was a financial

commitment letter. This was signed by all council members. The letter

is a promise that the town will accrue the 25% match. This was one of

the last barriers of entry for the council's access to the grant.

The town may hear back about the grant as early as August, but Fleck

mentioned to the board that, “preliminary Awards from the website were

showing up ... (it could be) as late as October to early November.

They don’t have a definitive date, you just find out as it gets

close." There is always a chance that the town may not get the

funding, but the council was confident from past approval of this same


The town council then addressed an increasingly growing issue, a

waterline under Main Street has been leaking.

“We’re going to have to get a hydro truck for sure,” Cullison said,

“I’ve got a puller, we could try to pull that line through ... we’re

going to have to be more careful, take more precaution than we used


He also reported to the board that the utility work in town was too

much for their few workers.

“I’ve let a lot of things go this summer,” Cullison admitted, “I

talked to Scott (Enstrom) and Nicole (clerk-treasurer Hall). I’ve been

under budget for several years here with help … the money is there (in

the budget) we don’t have to do anything but notify you and get an

okay with this.” The council agreed to enlisting a part-time worker

for the water operator.

In other business:

• An individual attending the meeting expressed interest that the

council should pursue online adverts on Google maps. He claimed adding

pictures and businesses to the map was absolutely free and that it

attracts citizens. The council was enthusiastic with the idea and

urged him to continue his endeavor.

• The council is planning on investing $2,000 in a few dumpsters

available around the town to help residents with cleanup.

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