Health Department works out format for monthly food inspection report

The Sullivan County Health Department has a new electronic sign

installed at its office location on the courthouse square. The board

thanked the donation of the sign by the Sullivan County Emergency

Management Agency.

The Sullivan County Health Department board approved a format and

officially released the June restaurant food inspection report during its

monthly meeting last Thursday.

"We did some research and figured out how long we had to wait to embargo

some of the results," Health Officer Dr. Michael Gamble explained. "Some of

the results were not allowed to be released for 10 days and after that we

could release them.

"We also had samples from three counties of how they do it.

"This is kind of the first sample," he continued. "Our thought was to bring

it to the board meeting and release it to the newspaper after that. The

board meeting is always after the 10th of the month, so we do the previous

month and we'll be following the 10-day embargo period."

Food inspections are ongoing, with 19 inspections completed in the month of


This was the format consensus approved by the board of the June report

submitted to the newspaper:

Food inspections, June 2021

• Sully's Steakhouse — Sullivan (3 non-critical).

• The Breakfast Place — Shelburn (4 critical, 6 non-critical). No dedicated

handwash sink. Eggs stored above Ready-To-Eat items in refrigerator. No

date marking of items in refrigerator. No date marking of items on counter


• Chum Chariot — Mobile (1 critical). No date marking of food item in

Ziploc bag (discarded).

• Sweet P's Agape Cafe — Sullivan (1 critical). Spray bleach measured too

strong with HD test strips (educated).

Establishments with no violations: Twisted Treats (mobile), Dollar General

(Hymera) and   Nanny Boo's Kettle Corn (mobile).

Approved to open: Sweet P's Agape Cafe, Dollar General.

A short report on COVID-19 was presented by Public Health Nurse Kelly Wood,

who noted the county had gone from Blue status (lowest) to Yellow (next

lowest) the day before, which it still is currently.

She reported no large outbreaks currently and vaccination efforts are still

ongoing and encouraged. To register, go to

Gamble reported the SCHD's Tire Take Back three-day event in June was


Three semi trailers in total were filled with tires from the community. One

trailer provided by the Sullivan County Health Department was filled first.

Two additional trailers, both filled as well, were supplied by the Sullivan

County Commissioners.

Gamble thanked the Sullivan County Emergency Management Agency for donating

an electronic sign for the Health Department's use. It mounted and

operational above the department's front door on the courthouse square.

The June administrative report presented at the meeting: Birth certificates

(70), death certificates (121), septic permits (2), food permits 16 (10

temporary, 6 retail/mobile), vaccine ($352.72), PA processing ($20), copies

(4), June receipts ($3,583.72), receipts through June ($17,709.06).

The department has worked up its 2022 budget which will be submitted for

approval soon to the Sullivan County Council.

Part of that work was a review of the department's grants with explanations:

• Emergency Preparedness Grant ($25,000) — Used to pay Emergency

Preparedness Coordinator salary, EP supplies needed for emergency

situations. Has been used to pay salaries of vaccinators and staff needed

for COVID vaccine administration.

• Immunization Grant Extension 2021-2022 ($69,098) — Supplements full-time

public health nurse salary (half paid from Immunization Grant, half paid

from County Health Fund). This is also a continuation of their current

immunization grant. Pays salary to part-time public health nurse, vaccine

administration expenses, supplies and advertising.

• Immunizations and vaccines for children, COVID-19 vaccination supplement

3 ($42,798.15) — Newly acquired grant that will pay for COVID-19 vaccine

administrations that will be in conjunction with the current immunization

grant. Will be used to pay for salaries, equipment, supplies incurred for

COVID vaccine.

• COVID grant ($40,320) — Grant executed to provide salaries, equipment,

supplies to administer COVID-19 vaccine. This was seed money to initiate

and initially maintain COVID vaccine clinic.

• COVID grant supplement clinic ($6,265.08) — Grant that was executed by

Health Department to provide a COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic. This grant

helped pay salaries, supplies, equipment for providing a 2-day (first

Moderna shot, then second shot 28 days later) to the community.

• Vaccine Administration Fees (no set dollar amount) — This contract is

executed between the Health Department and the state to supply the Health

Department with a portion of the administrative fees that an insured

patient's insurance is being charged for receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

These administrative fees will be used to further continued vaccination

efforts by pay for staff salaries, supplies and equipment needed.

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