Health Department releases October food inspections
The Sullivan County Health Department reported its October food inspections report during its recent November meeting:
• Fast Jacks (1 non-critical)
• Carlisle Plaza (2 critical, 6 non-critical) — multiple items in refrigerator reading 50 degrees, deli items in refrigerator past date marking
• Antonio's Mexican Restaurant (5 critical, 13 non-critical) — white cheese ready 130 degrees, no consumer advisory, cheese was opened with no date marking, raw meat in refrigerator above ready to eat food, bread was placed on top of raw meat in freezer
• Dollar General-Carlisle (2 critical, 5 non-critical) — multiple items expired throughout the store, cooler/freezer unit measuring 48 degrees/10 degrees
• Rural Community Academy (1 non-critical)
• Graysville Cafe (2 critical) — PIC stated she has local farm eggs for store use, no consumer advisory)
• Domino's (1 critical, 2 non-critical) — bleach sanitizer measuring greater than 200 ppm with LHD strips
• Northeast North Elementary (1 critical) — eggs in walk-in cooler on top shelf above ready to eat food
• Northeast East Elementary (1 critical) — evidence of mouse droppings in dry storage area under shelving
• Diamond Barbeque Tavern (2 critical, 2 non-critical) — no date marking on hamburger and self-packaged desserts and expired milk, spray bottles containing yellow liquid without label
• VFW Post 2459 (1 non-critical)
• Jon's Union Station LLC (3 non-critical)
• Dugger Union Community School (2 critical, 1 non-critical) — cheese slices in walk-in cooler without date marking, spray bottle without label of content
• Friendly Porch #4 (2 critical, 4 non-critical) — all food in reach thru warmer found to be less than 135 degrees, multiple items including beverages, energy bars, cornbread mix and chips throughout the store found to be expired and available for purchase
• Parkview Market and Deli (2 critical) — packaged cheese in cooler for sale with date marking and soup in a standup refrigerator without date marking, establishment processed beef jerky with no variance approved by the state.
• Uptown Tavern (3 critical, 2 non-critical) — raw hamburger in refrigerator measuring 50 degrees, cheese measuring 51 degrees, multiple items in refrigerator including cheese, hamburger, vegetables were not date marked, raw eggs stored above ready to eat food.
Establishments with no violations — Perfect Steaks (temporary), Jams n Jelly Gals (wine festival-temporary), Momma's Fudge (wine festival-temporary), Revelation Roastery LLC (wine festival-temporary), North Central Jr/Sr High School, Sullivan Elementary/Middle School, Sullivan City/County Corrections.
Approved to open — none.

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