Carlisle council adopts stormwater fee, reorganizes, hears complaints

The Carlisle Town Council was busy in its last two meetings, more so

in December than its short — less than a half-hour — reorganization

meeting on Jan. 4.

At December's meeting, the council approved the setting of a

stormwater rate for town residents in conjunction with a grant process

to upgrade its stormwater infrastructure.

The town is applying for a $600,000 grant through the Office of

Community and Rural Affairs, which was due Dec. 17, and plans to

supplement that with State Revolving Funds of between $190,000 and

$250,000. The town is working with HWC Engineering on their stormwater


Doug Baldessari of Baker Tilly explained a couple of changes to the

stormwater rate ordinance, before the public hearing. When the hearing

was opened, there was no public comment, so the ordinance was adopted

and signed by the council. The new rate will be $11.50 a month.

Kent Anderson, Kenna Consulting, opened a second public hearing on the

OCRA grant. Council president Azalia Barfield signed the grant

application, local match resolution, disclosure report and signature

page. Brian Grotz of HWC explained the scope of the project, while

council member Harold Hatfield offered his opinion of the design on

Eaton Street. Grotz said the actual design could still be changed.

Town manager Joe Coffman reported the town's phone line was not

working a lot of the time and that they could get better service from

Joink at a lower price, which the council approved. The council also

approved running an ad for full-time street and utility employment and

part-time office help.

Construction claims were also approved for HWC ($11,850 and $25,243),

Graves ($75,670) and Layne ($29,363).

January's meeting was much shorter, which started with Barfield being

reelected as council president for 2022. Council member Clint Durall

made the motion. Durall did not attend in December, while Hatfield was

absent in January's meeting. January construction claims were then

approved for Graves ($130,972) and Layne ($43,957).

Coffman said he was planning on conducting interviews for the open job

positions "over the next couple of weeks. Then have an executive

session in mid-January, then hire somebody the first of February."

Barfield asked how many applications were received, which Coffman said

he had "about seven or eight, but had three people I'm actually going

to interview."

Resident Dave Ledune — who had voiced complaints in the December

meeting about sidewalks on SR 58 by his house — said he had received

Americans with Disabilities Act forms from the Department of Justice

concerning an issue of not having public access for disabled people.

"That's a violation of your civil rights, so I got the forms to fill

out," he said. "We're going to ask for an investigation and file a


Ledune said he has also called the president of Community Natural Gas

Co. twice, who had both times said they would fix a sidewalk creating

an ADA problem. Ledune said that has not occurred and he would also be

putting that item on the complaint form.

As in several past meetings, Ledune again voiced complaints of people

driving too fast along SR 58 by his house and wants something done

about it.

"Has anything been considered to slow people down on 58?" he asked,

noting a radar sign seems only to encourage drivers to go even faster,

Town marshal Jerry Mize said they have patrolled in that area at

various times and positions with radar and are not picking up anyone

speeding excessively.

Ledune requested his concerns once again be placed in the meeting

minutes, saying "I don't care if this ends up in there nine times, I

want something done about it."

Clerk-treasurer Suzan Ridgway said his comments would not necessarily

be placed in the meeting minutes, that the town is only required to

put in items that are voted on by the council.

Durall asked when most of this speeding is occurring, Ledune replied

it is mostly in the morning, at the noon hour and people getting off

work from about 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

After a few more minutes of discussion on this topic, the meeting was adjourned.

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