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DUCS reports highest school enrollment


Enrollment is on the rise for 2020-21 at Dugger Union Community Schools.
At their monthly meeting of the board of trustees on Monday, Dugger
Union principal Darin Simpson said there will be 567 students in
grades K-12 that will be starting school on Thursday.
"That is an all-time high," Simpson said. "Previously, our highest
enrollment was about 516 students in grades K-12.
"We are very encouraged by those numbers."
Since Gov. Holcomb has changed the social distance from six to three
feet, Simpson said the board approved of making that change to their
COVID-19 Return to School Plan.
The board also approved the face covering requirement as part of that plan.
Simpson added that the board approved changes to their extracurricular
policy after the Indiana High School Athletic Association made changes
to its eligibility plan, which now allows virtual students to
participate in sports.
"DUCS remains committed to making academics the top priority and
keeping the ‘student’ in student-athlete first," Simpson. "The
academic extracurricular eligibility policy that DUCS already has in
place will remain in effect. That policy states that DUCS students
must not have any failing grades at midterm and the end of the grading
period in order to be eligible to participate in DUCS extracurricular
"After conferring with other local schools, reviewing IHSAA
guidelines, and consulting with our attorney, we have decided to no
longer require face-to-face attendance to participate in DUCS
extracurricular activities. While IHSAA guidelines and our attorney
both state we may develop a local policy that is stricter than the
IHSAA policy, we believe that the conditions the health pandemic has
created are cause for more lenient measures, not stricter ones.
Therefore, DUCS will now follow the IHSAA guidelines regarding
extracurricular participation.”
The board also approved a change to the student accident policy, which
will move the policy from student-athletes only to the whole student
The board approved personnel recommendations, pending background
approval, including:
• front desk receptionist/substitute nurse — Kelly Gordon
• high school football assistant coach — Brody Stoltz
• high school football assistant coach — Jackson Rogers
• junior high football assistant coach — Hayden Stuckwisch
• approval of salary increases for new positions of Mindy Feese and Kallie Cox.
Simpson also said that two nurses will be on duty at all times and
that wipes and disinfectant dispersal machines will be available to
help with cleaning.

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