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Sodexo employees to become NESC employees


The Northeast School Corp. approved hiring several cafeteria, custodial and maintenance staffers at their regular meeting Monday evening.

Some of those employees will move from employment through Sodexo to now officially become employees of NESC.

The board approved taking over the food service and facility maintenance programs at a special meeting on Jan. 23, not renewing their current contracts with Sodexo, which run their course at the end of May and June.

“We’ve tried to work with Sodexo with their policies and our policies to try to get it so insurance is on the best we can, keeping everybody covered the best that we can,” NESC Superintendent Mark Baker said. “Of course, it’s not a perfect world and we can’t always make that happen. Sodexo has been great as far as working with that, trying to keep everyone covered.”

Those personnel approved include Shawn Mattox, NESC maintenance lead; Nancy Woodard, NESC cafeteria lead; Jaime Cullison, NESC custodial lead; Harold Pittman, NESC grounds lead; Greg Wells, NESC seasonal grounds; Phyllis Huff, North Central High School head cook; Connie Lewis, NCHS cafeteria; Cindy Gallion, NCHS cafeteria; Sara McDaniel, NCHS cafeteria; Ann Thrasher, NCHS custodian; Bonnie Danko, NCHScustodian; Tracey Richardson, NCHScustodian Crystal Will, Northeast North Elementaryhead cook; Tirina Fish, NENEcafeteria; Jeanne McClure, NENEcafeteria; Anita Harding, NENEcustodian; Connie McDaniel, NENEcustodian; Ruth Nickless, Northeast East Elementaryhead cook; Darcy Street, NEEEcafeteria; Amy Jeffries, NEEE custodian; and Tuesday McCammon, NEEEcustodian.

Baker provided a construction update, stating, “Things are continuing along. They’re looking at all three sites at the moment. At the North Central site and the office, there’s a few things left on the punch list.”

As far as the progress that has already been made, Baker noted, “They didn’t think they were going to be able to get in the locker rooms to start doing any demo or anything until after graduation, but they are gutted.”

Following graduation, work will begin on the gymnasium floor.

At NENE, there is some painting, electrical work and tiling that remains to be finished in the offices and bathrooms.

Baker seemed pleased with the direction the project is going, stating, “We meet every two weeks, they give us a schedule, and they’re pretty good about staying on the schedule.”

Baker is also considering different ways to preserve pieces of the old gymnasium floor at North Central High School so that they can still be remembered by alumni.

He jokingly added, “Not sure we can do like Assembly Hall at IU, but if we can save some of that for souvenirs for everybody, I’d think we’d like to do that.”

On a different note, under the recommendation of Baker, the board voted unanimously to terminate the Latchkey Program, which allowed students to come to school early under the watch of staff.

The program is rounding out its second year and currently supports only five students between the elementary schools.

“I don’t know how much longer we can continue to lose money,” said Baker.

The board will reexamine the program at a later date.

The board approved a request to allow Sullivan Auto Group to utilize the parking lot of North Central High School for their tent sale from June 20 to 29.

Along with the new cafeteria, custodial and maintenance staff, the board approved other personnel items, including the resignations of Ashleigh Lewis, Ashley Rogers and Jennifer Strahle as elementary and middle school cheer coaches; Scott Johnson and Michelle Granby as 5th- and 6th-grade boys basketball coaches and Jennifer Norris as the cheer coach at NCHS.

Other new hires included: Whitney Zellers as a substitute teacher and Cathy Johnson as a bus driver for the 2019-2020 school year.

This is the first time in many years that the school corporation has hired a new bus driver, according to Baker.

“Praise the Lord, we found a bus driver,” board president Norm Santus said,

Baker said he was also “happy to announce” that he would like to recommend Brad Hudson as the official assistant principal and athletic director at NCHS.

Hudson was hired last year as an administrator at NEEE but has been serving as the interim assistant principal and athletic director since his predecessor moved to the Indianapolis area.

Sarah Hannon will now be taking Hudson’s position as principal at NEEE as he makes NCHS his permanent home. Hannon is the current assistant principal at Sullivan High School in Southwest School Corp.

New legislation now requires students to be screened for dyslexia. With this, the West Central Education Service Center in Greencastle is offering a training session on the subject.

Peggy Morrison and Vicki Weir were approved to attend this training as professional development on June 10 and 14.

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