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Independent moviemaker hopes to film scenes inside Sullivan County courtrooms in April


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Independent filmmaker, lead actress and director Meleeka Clary, is shown above in a scene already filmed from her new movie “Three Corners of Deception.” Clary hopes to film courtroom scenes at the Sullivan County Courthouse on April 13 and 14.

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An Indiana-based independent feature filmmaker with a story based on her personal experiences is hoping to shoot courtroom scenes inside the Sullivan County Courthouse.

Meleeka Clary asked permission of the county commissioners during their meeting on Monday. The filming is planned for April 13 and 14.

The commissioners agreed to her request, “pending talking to the judges,” according to commissioners’ president Bob Davis. He said no final decision had been made as of late Tuesday.

The movie is entitled “Three Corners of Deception” said the Carmel-based Clary, who is also the lead actress and director.

“It’s about two individuals from Boston and Indiana and they meet in (Las) Vegas,” she said. “It went very well, but they didn’t know a lot about each other. The guy was a lawyer and she was a college professor. They got engaged, got married, and it was pretty quick — it was love at first sight — and they had a child together. 

“But there were some hidden secrets involving the man and a lot of things started happening,” she continued. “Then the relationship started to get interesting. What followed was a divorce and a bad custody battle. It’s a love story, a trauma, a survival and it’s based on my true events.”

The movie including Sullivan in its final credits is due to Clary’s real-life fiancé, former city resident Lance Laconi, who also attended Monday’s meeting.

Laconi is the son of Reggie Laconi, a Hall of Fame football and track coach at Sullivan High School, who later was Southwest School Corp. assistant superintendent (1975-1980) and SWSC superintendent (1981-1990).

“Lance is part of my wakeup,” which will be depicted in the latter stages of the movie, Clary mentioned.

“How it came about to be (filming) in Sullivan, Lance felt very dear about bringing something to his community and give it some publicity,” she noted. “He thought maybe people would have an interest in visiting Sullivan.”

Clary says about 20 to 25 people would be onsite for the two days of filming in Sullivan. “It will be a closed area (to the public),” she added.

While the filming company is based in Carmel, they have been filming all over Indiana and around the country.

“It’s a very diverse cast, very, very diverse,” she said. When completed, the film will include “almost” 100 actors and actresses with “between 50 and 55 speaking roles.

“Which that is a lot for a movie,” Clary noted. “A lot of speaking roles. A lot of actors and actresses.” 

Clary said the movie has been in production for about a year and they are hoping to complete filming by the end of June. The project began in 2015.

“Once we do that then we’re in the editing process, although editing is occurring as we’re filming,” Clary said. “Then it’s marketing and distribution. That could be three months.

“Then we’ll be heading to the theaters,” she laughed. 

Clary explained since this is an independent movie, it might be limited to a small number of selective theaters … “about 25 theaters to start with.”

 The movie length is expected to be between 2 hours, 15 minutes and 2 1/2 hours.

This is Clary’s first foray as a lead actress and director, according to her filmography on Her previous acting experience includes solo appearances in the TV series “The Resident,” “Greenleaf” and “Nashville,” all in 2018.

“The main thing I would like to highlight, this movie spotlights family trust and survival,” Clary said. “And I think that’s a mission and that everyone should get that message.”

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