Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Hymera leaks water, funds


The Hymera Town Council had to re-appropriate funds due to several water leaks at Tuesday’s meeting.

“We are taking money from the equipment fund and last year we had some road work money left as well,” Nicole Hall, Hymera clerk-treasurer, said.

The leaks have been in several different locations throughout the town due to old plumbing from the 1940s.

“We did have a series of leaks last month and this month,” Nick Cullison, the facilities manager/ water operator for Hymera, said.

The town has already spent over $1 million in upgrades to the system over the past few years. With that being said, Cullison thinks there is another leak.

“This billing cycle showed very high water loss,” Cullison said. “There are 700 gallons unaccounted for still … something that big has to be on a four-inch main.”

The water loses started up a few months ago and the town has been working rapidly to fix the problems.

“We have spent about five to six thousand in materials,” Cullison said. “The big expense is the water we are losing.”

For the past few months, the water leaks have caused higher than normal bills for the town.

“We have been spending around $4,000 to $12,000 extra a month on water the past few months depending on the month,” Hall said.

Cullison said they will know more about the leak by mid-October.

“We are praying it goes back to regular usage,” Cullison said. “If not, we will have to bring someone to check on this.”

In other business

         The town council will have a final look at next year’s budget.

“Next meeting we will adopt or reject the new budget,” Scott Enstrom, the Hymera Town Council president, said. “It’s about the same as we have had in the past.”

         The road work for an old contract for a community crossing grant has been completed.

“We are trying to get more money for next year,” Enstrom said. “As long as the state still has this we will keep working on roads.”

         An audit was completed and the town council is expecting results within 45 days.

         Engineers gave the town three options for their water treatment but no decision has been made on what the town will do to gain compliance for the plant.

“We are trying to get compliance with IBDM,” Enstrom said.

         The Hymera Town Marshal’s police vehicle is currently in the shop to get breaks and rotors replaced and checking into a gas leak.

         At the meeting, it was approved for the HTMO to purchase a new radio for around $12,000 due to the old one was no longer functioning.

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