Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Local candidate speaks on recent Trump rally in Evansville



President Donald Trump reads from the Indianapolis Star on Thursday afternoon during the Trump rally at the Ford Center in Evansville. Trump came to Evansville to help Mike Braun during his U.S. Senate campaign where he faces incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in November.

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Last Thursday some Sullivan County natives traveled to Evansville for President Donald Trump’s rally at the Ford Center.

Beth Swalls, who is running as a Republican candidate for Sullivan County Recorder, was among them.

“It was wonderful,” Swalls said. “We walked in line for two hours and that was walking. We walked blocks and we got there about a quarter to 4 (p.m.).”

Trump’s speech wasn’t set to start until 7 p.m. Every seat in the facility was full and many were turned away to watch outside the facility on big screens.

“Evidentially there were people there all night and probably all day,” Swalls said. “That was quite an experience.”

Swalls had never before had the opportunity to see a president in person.

“Every time he mentioned God, the crowd just exploded,” Swalls said. “It was wonderful. It was a wonderful feeling and it got you charged and ready to go back out and promote what he is doing.”

Trump started his speech by thanking Evansville and Indiana.

“Evansville you are very, very special people and I thank you, Indiana,” Trump said.

He also mentioned how he connected with those who attended.

“And I know you well,” Trump said. “You love our country, you are proud of our history and you always respect our great American flag.”

During his speech, Trump addressed many different topics.

“This is a truly amazing period of time,” Trump said. “… Factories are reopening. Jobs are pouring back into the United States. We are putting your great Indiana coal miners and steel workers back to work.”

Some of the topics Trump discussed resonated with Swalls.

“He has helped with the taxes and you know making more money, and the coal,” Swalls said. “That was a biggy but of course down in that area it is going to be and in our area also. The coal industry is back and full swing ahead instead of trying to stop it. … With the coal miners, that was going to put us behind.”

During his speech, he also made a few jabs at “fake” news.

“He got after fake news, don’t think he didn’t,” Swalls said. “CNN buddy, they were booed. They were blasted.”

Mike Braun was also brought forward to speak during the event with Trump’s backing.

“He is a special man and he is going to be a truly great senator,” Trump said about Braun.

Overall, Swalls was glad she was able to experience the Trump rally and see him speak.

“It was just something from a girl from a little hometown to get to go see the president of the United States,” Swalls said. “I agree with him on a lot. I’m not saying I’m 100 percent, but on a lot of issues and stuff that he has helped us with, well I’m very much for.”

She said the experience made her excited to bring the enthusiasm back to Sullivan County.

“It was a great experience for someone from a little county,” Swalls said. “… It makes me want to go out there and try even harder. It brought an excitement.”

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