Friday, June 22, 2018
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Dem candidates to constituents: Convince others to vote


Gubernatorial candidate John Gregg felt right at home Friday night at the local Democrat Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner — and not just because the crowd of 100-plus welcomed him by displaying their own construction-paper mustaches under their noses in a show of solidarity.

“This county has been good to me, been as good to me as my county of Knox County,” said Gregg, who faces Republican Mike Pence for the state’s top office. “I’ve always felt this is just an extended home.”

Gregg, one of several guest speakers at the dinner inside Sullivan’s First United Methodist Church, implored Sullivan County Democrats to reach out to those voters who are still undecided.

Lynn Hamilton, the local Democrat chairperson, explained that Gregg had just got in from meeting with “the big dogs:” former Indiana governor and senator Evan Bayh and Former President Bill Clinton earlier in the day.

“I don’t know whether I was with the big dogs or not, but this is the important dogs to be with right here, you know it?” Gregg later responded. “Because this is where I’m from, this is home, this why we’re doing this. We’re doing it for our way of life.”

Along with stressing his ties to the county, Gregg and fellow Democratic candidates — Dist. 8 U.S. Rep. candidate Dave Crooks, Dist. 45 State Rep. candidate Kreg Battles and state education Superintendent candidate Glenda Ritz — also stressed the importance of reaching out to family and friends who were either undecided or the so-called “Lugar Republicans.”

Lugar Republicans are considered those who sided with former U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar, who was defeated by current Republican candidate Richard Mourdock in May’s primary. Many of Friday’s candidates said these Republicans weren’t satisfied with the Tea Party or current GOP policies, meaning they could potentially be swayed to vote for Democrat candidates.

Crooks, a Graysville native, faces incumbent Republican Larry Bucshon, of Newburgh.

Vincennes resident Battles, meanwhile, faces Republican Bruce Borders, Jasonville. Both are incumbent lawmakers that were drawn into the same district.

Battles, too, stressed members of his party should get out encourage people to vote.

“If you sit at home, and don’t vote, we’re gonna deserve what we get,” he said. “But, more important than that, it’s who are you going to encourage to vote ...”

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