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Affidavits detail Farmersburg bank robbery arrests

By Times Staff
File photo: Steven Perry Jr.

Affidavits filed in Sullivan Superior Court on Jan. 4 detail how investigators made arrests of two individuals following a bank robbery last month at the First Financial Bank in Farmersburg.
Steven Perry Jr., 22, and Danny Pegg, 23, both of Terre Haute, were each charged with robbery as Level 5 felonies in Superior Court on that same day.
The accompanying affidavits filed by Indiana State Police Detective Angela Hahn indicate that several tips leading to Perry were received by both ISP and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department after a screen shot from the robbery on Dec. 26 was released to the media. It adds that once Perry was identified, the investigation led detectives to Pegg as a friend of his.
“The callers commonly noted similarities between the released photograph of the robber and Perry’s facial features and noted he wears red shoes as depicted in the full body photograph,” the affidavit states. “A mug shot picture of (Perry) was obtained and compared to the bank surveillance footage. (His) nose is uniquely shaped with a humped bridge, similar eyebrows, thin lips and a dimple under the lower lip ... present in both photographs.”
It adds that a photo from Perry’s Facebook page, which was later removed, showed him wearing red shoes.
Police first interviewed Pegg, who they found drove a silver-gray Chevy pickup similar to the one identified in surveillance videos from the bank and a nearby gas station, at the Vigo County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 29.
“At this time, ... Pegg advised that he was high on marijuana and then (drove) his friend (Perry) to a bank in Farmersburg,” the affidavit states. “However, he advised that he did not know that Steven was going to rob the bank.
“... While there, he stated that they drove around some then parked and Steven got out and was walking around then disappeared,” it continues. “Then Mr. Pegg stated Steven knocked on the passenger window and got into the truck and said for him to drive away quickly.”    When Pegg asked why, Perry allegedly showed him money with $100 bills and asked him “what did you do?” with Perry replying he robbed the bank, according to the affidavit.
Pegg then advised that he drove north on U.S. 41 toward Terre Haute, with him later reportedly identifying his truck from the surveillance footage as well as Perry from a photo.
A First Financial teller had previously told police that an individual, who had been walking around across the street from the bank, came in on the day of the robbery and handed her a note, saying as she read “You have 30 more seconds.” She told investigators that the note stated the robber only wanted $50 and $100 bills.
The teller advised that the suspect never produced a weapon but kept his other hand in his pocket during the robbery. Pegg told investigators “there was no gun that he knew of,” according to the affidavit.
Later in the evening on Dec. 29, Perry was arrested on a warrant for escape from the Indiana Department of Correction and taken to the SCSD.
“When (Perry) was brought into the jail he was wearing the red tennis shoes and similar jeans that the surveillance video from the bank showed as well as Mr. Pegg’s description of what he was wearing when he drove him to the bank ...” the affidavit states, noting Perry only had a $20, two $5 and $1 bills on him when brought to the jail.
When interviewed, Perry said he “had people who would tell he wasn’t there and he wanted an attorney.”
Hahn received a message from Sullivan County Sheriff Clark Cottom on Dec. 31 advising that Perry had made several calls from the jail phone. The affidavit notes that a message on the phone advises parties that calls are recorded and can be used in court.
One call to a female allegedly includes Perry saying “he did a stupid thing and that the money was in the shed he was hiding in that night he was arrested.” The affidavit states that the woman told Perry “to watch what he says but he goes on to explain that he knew they were going to get him and he hopes they go find that money.”
Another call allegedly made to Perry’s mother had Perry asking her if they had found the money in the shed. The mother replies that “they did not find Colten’s toy. Steven says ‘not a toy you know what I’m talking about(,) the money,’” with his mother replying “yes the gift certificate.”
The affidavit continues that Perry’s mother advised they had checked and asked where he threw it and which shed it was, with Perry saying “he ran into the shed, it was dark and he just threw it towards the back of the shed ... and (the shed) with all the junk inside it.”
In a statement possibly implicating Pegg’s knowledge of the heist, the affidavit states that Perry told his mother “they need to find that money. That money Mr. Pegg had is bad money and cops have it.” 

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